The nurse is assessing a client who has a history of alcohol use

Question : The nurse is assessing a client who has a history of alcohol use : 2135476

1. The nurse is assessing a client who has a history of alcohol use. Which of the following assessment data should the nurse expect?

a. Low blood pressure

b. Decreased heart rate

c. Elevated temperature

d. Abdominal tenderness

2. The nurse is caring for a client who smokes a pack of cigarettes daily and has been admitted to the hospital for surgery. In anticipation of nicotine withdrawal, which of the following goals should the nurse include when planning postoperative care?

a. Improve sleep

b. Enhance appetite

c. Decrease diarrhea

d. Prevent sore throat

3. The nurse is preparing to conduct an annual physical examination with a young adult client who arrives in the clinic smelling of cigarette smoke and carrying a pack of cigarettes. Which action will the nurse plan to take?

a. Urge the client to quit smoking as soon as possible.

b. Avoid confronting the client about smoking at this time.

c. Wait for the client to start the discussion about quitting smoking.

d. Explain that the “cold turkey” method is most effective in stopping smoking.

4. A client who is alcohol-intoxicated must undergo emergency surgery for abdominal trauma. Which of the following should the nurse anticipate when caring for the client in the perioperative period?

a. An increased dose of the general anaesthetic medication

b. Frequent monitoring for bleeding and respiratory complications

c. Development of withdrawal symptoms within a few hours after surgery

d. Stimulation every hour to prevent prolonged postoperative sedation

5. A client with a history of heavy alcohol use is seen at the clinic with acute gastritis. Which statement by the client indicates that the client is in the contemplation stage of change?

a. “I am older and wiser now, and I know I can change my drinking behaviour.”

b. “Alcohol has never bothered my stomach. I think it’s likely that I have the flu.”

c. “I think my drinking is affecting my stomach, but maybe some drugs will help.”

d. “People say that I drink too much, but I really feel pretty good most of the time.”

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