The New Business Group encountered some resistance among staff members

Question : The New Business Group encountered some resistance among staff members : 6103

The New Business Group encountered some resistance among staff members in pursuing for-profit activities. What do you think led to the conflict and how should the organization resolve this issue?The agency earns substantial revenue from Visiting Nurse Services (VNS). How can the agency pursue the private-pay market without interfering with the VNS business?The Property Management program is a completely new business that competitors do not pursue. What is the value of being the first service provider? Assess the Property Management program by examining the reasons why a building manager might buy the service. What decision-making process does a building manager go through? Who else might be involved in the decision?Assess the attractiveness of offering assisted living in building F3.Does the private-pay home-care market appear lucrative? What else does Caregivers need to understand before pursuing this market? What systems need to be in place in order for Caregivers to offer private-pay home care on a wide scale? What might happen if Caregivers decided to widely promote its home healthcare services?How can Caregivers solve the problem with morning and afternoon aides?Which businesses have the most potential? Should Caregivers continue to pursue new business or rely more heavily on fundraising efforts?

te costs. Financing to hire an Pace University, New York, New York Randi Priluck ected. A total mar- program devel- ny er's disease. This n Aging and the nd would com- involve mini- Beginning i ing in 1997, Caregivers, a nonprofit agency that provides care to ents in need, faced a series of cutbacks in state funding that led to a olk disagreed deficit in its budget. The CEO of the agency, Don Arnold, was concerned e. The other hat Caregivers would be unable to continue its mission of caring for older recomIn en- adults in need if the agency did not find a way to raise revenue. tion In March 1998, Arnold set up the New Business Group to explore As he left ways for the agency to convert some of the services that it currently er help the offered for free to a profit-based system for those who could afford to pay. ink about est job he Included in the group, which met every Tuesday at 9:30 AM, were Arnold, ting the keting mid-development), Gilda Newburgh (director of housing, Colleen Beverly Slater (chief operating officer, Roslyn Warner (director of mar- Confit (marketing manager), Pamela Tilden (housing manager), and Emily Furley (social services manager) A number of new business areas were explored. It was-critical for caregivers to assess the potential of these areas of business, set goals and weredivided among three basic areas: home care, housing, and social ser- objectives, and implement a plan of action. The expenses for the agency vices(see Table 1). sion from 2000 Annual Advances in Business Cases, the Society for Case

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