The mechanism of social change discussed in this book work

Question : The mechanism of social change discussed in this book work : 2115043

The mechanism of social change discussed in this book work only because:

a. people use their power of agency to make the drivers of social change work

b. human history is a process of unfolding and fulfilling a predetermined plan

c. other factors in earlier times have ceased to have a significant impact on social change

d. people are ignorant of or oblivious to how these mechanisms work

Why are large corporations less attuned to their real and potential role in social change than they could be?

a. the age of the corporation is rapidly fading, and they are just trying to hang on to today

b. there is no monetary gain in trying to figure out where societies are going

c. people running corporations are trained in disciplines that know very little about social change, and often treat social change as a conspiracy of anti-corporate activists

d. profits, not social change, are central to corporations, and they are increasingly guided by financial decisions and operations to improve the bottom line

Many, if not most, large corporations express an interest in a cleaner environment, using resources more efficiently and sustainably, and recycling, calling this:

a. good citizenship

b. corporate social responsibility

c. environmental leadership

d. post-industrial corporatism

Many social activists find themselves in what occupation in order to continue their belief that they can effect social change by changing people’s lives for the better?

a. as ministers and other leaders of faith communities

b. as entrepreneurs, creating products that are trying to get ahead of the curve in what  people want and will buy

c. as teachers

d. as specialists in international development, working in poor countries around the world

What is the term for the period of time many young people take between high school and  college, or during their college career?

a. gap year

b. early retirement

c. downtime

d. living in the liminal zone



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