The length 7 - 10 pages, APA OR MLA (double-space,

Question : The length 7 - 10 pages, APA OR MLA (double-space, : 5570

The length is 7 - 10 pages, APA OR MLA (double-space, size 12 font, 1 inch margins). Sources: 7 or more sources (online or from Amberton Library online resources – do not list Wikipedia as a source). The opening paragraph should introduce what you hope to explain in your essay. The next sections are outlined with discussion of the following questions:

a. Describe your approach to ethical decision making and your ethical beliefs.

b. Which ethical theory discussed most closely resembles yours. Identify the Theoretical positives and problems. Provide an explanation and identify key concepts and assumptions of the theories presented, and consider how the problems theory might be resolved. (Consult other sources to aid you in your explanation. Use online sources and the Amberton databases for your research.) Provide examples from personal experiences that illustrate your understanding of the theory

c. Divide your life into five-year increments and review and analyze your spiritual and/or ethical growth.

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