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Question : The journey of salves from Africa to America the worst

The journey of salves from Africa to America on the worst portion of the triangle trade route was called the__. Many Africans were removed from their homes and shipped to large landed estates in the Americas calle__. __explored the New England coastline. __. is a systematic procedure foe collecting and analysing evidence that was crucial to the evolution of science in the modem world __is a universe model with the sun at the center. __is proceeding from the particular to the general by making specific observations. __is the exchange of plants and animals between the Americas and Europe. A set of principles that dominated economic thought in the 17^th century was called__. __developed the scientific method. __was a conquistador who defeated the Aztecs in Mexico. __attempted to circumnavigate the world. The idea that the Earth is at the center of the universe called__or Ptolemaic system. __used detailed astronomical data to arrive at his laws of planetary motion.


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