The greatest threat to civil aviation security is

Question : The greatest threat to civil aviation security is : 2141890

11) The greatest threat to civil aviation security is:

A) Malicious insiders

B) Hacking into communication systems

C) Heavy reliance on other types of infrastructure

D) Identity theft among employees

12) Which of the following is NOT a wave in the development of warfare as identified by Alvin Toffler?

A) Industrial wave

B) Agrarian wave

C) Information wave

D) Renaissance wave

13) Which of the following is NOT true?

A) The Russians view military cyber operations differently than those cyber operations employed for hacktivism, cyber aggression, and cybercrime

B) The Russians view cyber capabilities as tools of information warfare

C) The Russians view information warfare from a holistic approach

D) The Russians carry out cyber operations alongside psychological operations

14) Which of the following is NOT true?

A) U.S. officials have found evidence of al Qaeda researching digital switches that run critical infrastructure

B) Al Qaeda produced the computer virus "Stuxnet"

C) U.S. officials have found evidence of al Qaeda using LOphtCrack

D) Al Qaeda leaders have claimed to be actively planning a "cyber jihad" against the United States

15) Distributed denial-of-service attacks are an example of:

A) Cyber and technological facilitation

B) Infrastructure attacks

C) Information attacks

D) Propaganda and promotion

16) Steganography:

A) Is data hiding

B) Is a propaganda and promotion technique

C) Is an infrastructure attack

D) Is cryptography

17) Using a cell phone to encourage a flash mob is a form of:

A) Propaganda and promotion

B) Cyber and technological facilitation

C) Information attack

D) Infrastructure attack

18) Requesting funds for a terrorist organization through a chat room is an example of:

A) Exploitation of online payment tools

B) Charitable donations

C) Direct solicitation

D) E-commerce

19) The type of attack the hacker group "Anonymous" carried out against the private intelligence industry provider Stratfor is considered:

A) Distributed denial-of-service attacks

B) Unauthorized intrusions

C) Propaganda

D) Website defacement

20) Which of the following is one of the four categories that encompasses cyberterrorism and/or information warfare?

A) Cryptography

B) Promotion

C) Unauthorized intrusions

D) Steganography

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