The General Service Contractor is hired by the owner of the company

Question : The General Service Contractor is hired by the owner of the company : 2162233

TRUE/FALSE. Write 'T' if the statement is true and 'F' if the statement is false.

24) The General Service Contractor is hired by the owner of the company that is in the show to handle the general duties necessary to produce the Show on site.

25) Depending on where you are in the world, a person who manages a tradeshow is known as a Service Contractor, show manager or an event manager or an event producer.

26) It is the general service contractor's responsibility to move the freight in and out of the facility, manage the flow of the trucks coming in and out of the facility, and the storage of the crates and boxes during the show.

27) A dray is technically an early tractor that was used to haul trash.

28) The process for hiring service contractors is through a GSC.

29) A service contractor is anyone who provides a product or services for the exhibitor or show/event management during the actual show or conference.

30) Today, service contractors are likely involved only in the planning aspect of events.

31) The General Service Contractor is hired by the EAC.

32) In general, the GSC and the Official Contractor are the same thing.

33) Material Handling is the same concept as Drayage.

34) In a "Right to Work" state, an individual working in a specific trade is required to join the respective Trade Union in order to have the right to work in that state.

35) The EAC's are actually a sub-set of GSC's.

MATCHING. Choose the item in column 2 that best matches each item in column 1.

Match the department of the Services Contracting Company with its function or description.

36) Sales          A) Woodworking, props, backdrops, signs, electrical, lighting, metal work, etc.

37) Logistics   B) Handles planning, scheduling, shipping, labor relations, site inspection and preparation.

38) Material Handling and Warehousing        C) Accounts receivable, accounts payable, and payroll

39) Event Technology D) Exhibitor kits, on-site coordination, registration

40) Event Services      E) Includes special effects, reports and so on; oversees the planning and subsequent installation of the output of the production department

41) Production F) Includes transportation of materials, booths, exhibits, along with their temporary storage.           

42) Accounting and Finance   G) Typically broken up into national and local, some companies also have a separate exhibitor department dealing with this.

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