The first notable family study involved the Jukes

Question : The first notable family study involved the Jukes : 2141660

TRUE/FALSE.  Write 'T' if the statement is true and 'F' if the statement is false

31) The first notable family study involved the Jukes.

32) XYY is a means of measuring brain activity.

33) Testosterone is a male hormone.

34) Prenatal difficulties do not predict later offending.

35) It has been definitively proven that abortion reduces crime.

36) Psychoanalytic explanations suggest that antisocial behavior is a mentally disordered behavior, which is not true for most individuals.

37) Poor school performance leads to less attachment to school and thus to higher rates of delinquency.

38) Childhood temperament studies have no bearing on delinquency.

39) Psychological approaches operate under the assumption that normal people do not commit crime.

40) Researchers have found that variants of a gene called MAOA have been implicated in high-risk behavior, including criminal behavior.

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