The first modern astronomer to propose a Sun-centered universe was

Question : The first modern astronomer to propose a Sun-centered universe was : 2146902

84) The first modern astronomer to propose a Sun-centered universe was ________.

A) Copernicus

B) Galileo

C) Ptolemy

D) Eratosthenes

85) The average distance from Earth to the Sun is called the ________ unit.

A) atomic

B) aphelion

C) astronomical

D) angle

86) The planets stay in orbit around the Sun because of a balance between gravity and ________.

A) orbit

B) inclination

C) collapse

D) inertia

87) Which astronomer developed the three laws of planetary motion?

A) Brahe

B) Kepler

C) Newton

D) Galileo

88) One of the discoveries that led to the modern view of the solar system was that the orbits of the planets are not circular but ________.

A) spherical

B) sinusoidal

C) elliptical

D) irregular

90) Patterns or configurations of stars named in honor of mythological characters are called ________.

A) inertias

B) formations

C) retrogade

D) constellations

91) The angular distance north or south of the celestial equator is called ________.

A) ecliptic

B) declination

C) retrograde

D) angular

92) When the Sun crosses the celestial equator, and day and night are of equal length around the globe, it is the time of the ________.

A) perihelion

B) solstice

C) aphelion

D) equinox

93) The two primary motions of Earth are ________ and ________.

A) aphelion; perihelion

B) rotation; revolution

C) inertia; gravity

D) expansion; collapse

94) When Earth is closest to the Sun, its location is referred to as the ________ position.

A) inertia

B) constellation

C) celestial

D) perihelion

95) A very slow motion of Earth's axis that requires 26,000 years to complete is called ________.

A) inclination

B) rotation

C) precession

D) eccentricity

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