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The Ethics of BP’s Oil Spill

Research the answers to the following questions on the Internet and provide a report of your findings.Provide your sources of information.

1.How did BP respond to this accident?Do you think BP is responding in an ethical manner?Why or why not?Do you think BP should be expected to clean up this mess alone?Why or why not? (Bloom’s: analysis, evaluation)

2.What are the devastating effects of this catastrophe?Who has been hurt by this oil spill?Discuss at least three ethical situations, conflicts, or dilemmas this oil spill has caused.It might help to think about these questions:How does this affect you?How does this affect the environment?How does this affect the citizens closest to the spill as well as citizens of the world?How has this affected government, legislation, the oil drilling industry, the supply of oil, and the BP company? (Bloom’s: analysis, synthesis)

3.Who is profiting from the oil spill?What is meant by “spillionaires”?Discuss at least three groups, companies, or individuals that you feel have profited from the oil spill in an unethical manner. (Bloom’s: application, analysis)

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