The energy from nuclear fusion is produced by the conversion of

Question : The energy from nuclear fusion is produced by the conversion of : 2147177

79) The energy from nuclear fusion is produced by the conversion of ________.

A) matter to anti-matter

B) mass to energy

C) particles to waves

D) all of the above are accurate

80) Astronomers currently estimate sunspots to be about ________ degrees cooler than the rest of the surface.

A) 1000

B) 1500

C) 2500

D) 500

81) Visible light emitted from the celestial bodies is only a small part of an array of energy called ________ radiation.

A) electromagnetic

B) prominence

C) granule

D) photovoltaic

82) Light can be described as a stream of fast-moving particles called ________.

A) auroras

B) neutrons

C) flares

D) photons

83) The motion of a star can be determined using the ________ effect.

A) Blue shift

B) Emission

C) Doppler

D) Spectroscope

84) A(n) ________ spectrum is produced when white light is passed through a comparatively cool gas under low pressure.

A) intensity

B) red shift

C) continuous

D) dark-line (absorption)

85) The first scientist to use a telescope for astronomical purposes was ________.

A) Kepler

B) Galileo

C) Brahe

D) Copernicus

86) When several radio telescopes are connected together, the resulting network is called a(n) ________.

A) adaptive optic

B) radio interferometer

C) photosphere

D) baseline

87) Streams of protons and electrons emitted from the Sun are known as the solar ________.

A) corona

B) wind

C) fusion

D) bombardment

88) The nuclear reaction process of converting hydrogen nuclei into helium nuclei is called the ________ chain.

A) core-chromosphere

B) proton-proton

C) photosphere-granule

D) hydrogen-helium

89) The Sun is composed almost entirely of two gases. They are hydrogen and ________.

A) helium

B) magnesium

C) argon

D) xenon

90) The amount of energy released during a nuclear reaction was established by the well-known scientist named ________.

A) Enrico Fermi

B) Christiaan Huygens

C) Albert Einstein

D) William Hershel

ESSAY. Write your answer in the space provided or on a separate sheet of paper.

91) Describe the concept of "red shift" and how this observation relates to theories that the universe is expanding.

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