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The board of directors of Xiaping Trading meeting to discuss

Question : The board of directors of Xiaping Trading meeting to discuss : 5428

The board of directors of Xiaping Trading is meeting to discuss the past year's results before releasing financial statements to the public. The discussion includes the following exchange. Wai Lee, president: This year has not been good! Income (Revenue) is down and expenses are way high. If we are not careful, we will report a loss for the third year in a row. I can temporarily transfer some land that I own into the firm's name and that will improve our balance sheet. Cain can you reduce $50 000 in expenses? Then we can probably get the bank loan that we need. Cain Velazquez, chief accountant: 'Wai Lee, you are asking too much. The International Accounting Standards are designed to keep this sort of thing from happening.' Required: Identify who the stakeholders are in this situation. Outline the ethical issues involved. Discuss what you would do if you were Cain.


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