TeamBuilds a service organization that has corporate teams pay $7,500

Question : TeamBuilds a service organization that has corporate teams pay $7,500 : 2071666

TeamBuilds is a service organization that has corporate teams pay $7,500 for an all-day team-building session with a management consultant while they work together on renovating a Habitat for Humanity home.

41.Refer to TeamBuilds. What could be used to identify the problem if there were significant differences between what TeamBuilds says it provides to customers and what it actually provides?

a.the gap model of service quality

b.the service pyramid

c.the four dimensions of service quality

d.the service paradigm

42.LaVergne had her makeup professionally applied for her prom night. She went to the beauty salon, watched as the makeup artist applied cosmetics to her face, and then went home feeling gorgeous. LaVergne’s makeover illustrates which service characteristic?





Paramount Canada’s Wonderland, an amusement park in Ontario, offers reduced rates on weekdays and higher prices for those who want to attend on weekends. It also offers lower prices for patrons who enter the park after 4 p.m.

43.Refer to Paramount Canada’s Wonderland. This is a way to contend with which service characteristic?





44.Refer to Paramount Canada’s Wonderland. Because the park is focusing on coordinating supply and demand by varying prices, which type of pricing objective for service firms is it using?

a.revenue oriented

b.operations oriented

c.image focused

d.equity oriented

Virtual Bellhop is a service provider that ships awkward sporting goods to vacation destinations so its customers do not have to worry about lugging them through airports or having them damaged in transit.

45.Refer to Virtual Bellhop. During the summer months and December, the company is extremely busy packaging and shipping sporting gear. During other months that are not popular vacation months, it may have only one customer a day. This inconsistency of demand means Virtual Bellhop has to deal with the problems associated with which service characteristic?




d.simultaneous production and consumption



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