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Table P2.5 on Page 54 summarizes the financial conditions for Intel Corporation (INTC), a manufacturer of various computer-processing chips for fiscal year 2013. Compute the various financial ratios and interpret the firm’s financial health during fiscal year 2013. The closing stock price was $25.50 on Decem-ber 31, 2013 and the average number of outstanding shares was 4.98 billion. Find: (e) Inventory-turnover ratio (f) Days-sales-outstanding (g) Total-assets-turnover ratio (h) Profit margin on sales (i) Return on total assets (with a tax rate of 40%) (j) Return on common equity (k) Price/earnings ratio (l) Book value per share

TABLE P2.5 Financial statements for Intel Co. BALANCE SHEET Period Ending Dec 28, 2013 Dec 29, 2012 Cash And Cash Equivalents S 5.674.000 8,478,000 Short Term Investmenls 4,413,000 9.684.000 Nel Receivables 6,176,000 5,950,000 Inventory 4.734.000 Other Current Assets 1,649.000 2,512,000 Total Current Assets 32,084,000 S 31,358,000 4.917.000 Long Term Inves 7,694.000 men Property Plant and Equipmenl 31.428.000 27,983.000 Goodw 0,513.000 9.710,000 Intangible Assets 5.150.000 6.235.000 Other Assels 5.489,000 4.148.000 Total Assets 92,358,000 S84,351,000 Accounts Payable 10,654.000 ShortCurrent Long Tem Debu. 281,000 312.000 Other Current Liabilities 2.06.000 Total Current Liabilities 12,898,000 13,568,000 Long Term Debl 3,165.000 3.136.000 Other Liabilities 2,972,000 3.702.000 Deferred Long Term Liability Charges 4,397.000 3412.000 s 34,102,000 33,148,000 Total Liabilities Common Stock 21.536.000 19.464.000 Retained Earnings 35.477.000 32.138.000 Other SLockholder Equity 1.243,000 (399.000) Total Stockholder Equity S 58,256,000 $51,203,000 Total Liabilities and Stockholders' Equity 92,358,000 84,351,000 Income Statement Total Revenue $170,910,000 S156,508,000 Cost of Revenue 106,606,000 87.846.000 64,304,000 s 68,662,000 Gross Profit Research Development 4.475.000 3.381.000 Selling General and Administrative 0,830,000 10.040.000 Operating Income or Loss 48.999.000 55,241,000 continued)

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