Subject Matter - Organizational Strategy Proctor and

Question : Subject Matter - Organizational Strategy Proctor and : 5388

Subject Matter - Organizational Strategy

Proctor and Gamble: This is a huge multinational firm with products you probably buy every day. This business is interesting because the company is focusing on science and technology to help it revise many of its business strategies and contribute to overall company goals for sustainability and corporate social responsibility.

Explain the generic business strategies, including cost, differentiation, and focus or hybrid information, for the selected firm.

Analyze what business strategies the firm is using in their marketplace approach. Provide examples of how they use the strategy to position itself in a competitive environment.

Analyze the firm's business model. What are their core products? How does the firm make money? What is the customer value proposition? What is the profit proposition?

**Please provide a brief reference of any sources (I will formally investigate, obtain, and further review for further information and to obtain the complete citation, but need pointed in the right direction).

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