Strategic Staffing at Atlas Corporation Graphic t-shirt company Atlas Corporation

Question : Strategic Staffing at Atlas Corporation Graphic t-shirt company Atlas Corporation : 5316

Strategic Staffing at Atlas Corporation Graphic t-shirt company Atlas Corporation knows that executing its growth strategy depends on promoting from within. Atlas believes that its staffing activities must obtain talent able to do the job being filled and with the potential to advance into management. Because it tends to receive a large number of applications for its job openings, Atlas must also process a large number of applicants for every opening and wants to do so as efficiently as possible. Atlas decides that it wants to capitalize on the trend of using social media to source and recruit. The company opens a Twitter account and starts Tweeting its job openings to people following the company (generally customers hoping for discount offers). It also posts its jobs on Monster.com, a large and popular job board, to try to maximize the number of applications. When job seekers apply for graphic design positions they first complete an online application, and the information is sent to a data base. A recruiter is immediately sent any applications that pass an initial competency screen. Within a few days, the recruiter emails the candidate to request a sample portfolio of the applicant’s work. Because of the size of the files, the portfolios are often rejected by recruiters’ email accounts and the candidate must fax the documents as Atlas has no cloud storage mechanism. Due to the large number of applications, those not passing the initial screen remain in the database unviewed and are not contacted in any way by the company. Applications passing the initial screen are invited to a telepone interview with a recruiter to assess basic job-related competencies. The top 10 candidates are then invited to interview face-to-face with another recruiter to assess their fit with Atlas’ culture and to better assess job-related skills and competencies. The top scoring 5 candidates are then invited to interview with the hiring manager, who makes the final decision on who should receive a job offer. A background check is then performed and if it is passed then a job offer is made. If a candidate declines the offer, the next highest scoring candidate receives a background check and a job offer until no acceptable finalists are left. Atlas evaluates the effectiveness of every staffing effort by evaluating the number of applications it received, the time it took to fill the position, and whether or not one of its first two job offers were accepted.

Questions: 1. What is Atlas doing well with regard to staffing strategically?

2. How could Atlas staff its graphic designer positions more strategically?

3. What would you suggest Atlas do to further enhance the alignment between its staffing function and its need to promote from within?

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