Strategic Management 16th Edition Chapter 3 exercise

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Strategic Management 16th Edition Chapter 3

This exercise will give you practice in developing an EFE matrix. An EFE Matrix summarizes the results of an external audit. This is an important strategic-planning tool widely used by strategists.


Step 1: Refer to the Cohesion Case (p. 26) and to Exercise 1B (p. 35), if necessary, to identify external opportunities and threats. Make sure the factors you include are both specific and actionable. Use the online sources listed in Table 3-8.


Lexis-Nexis Academic

Lexis-Nexis Company Dossier

Mergent Online

Regional Business News

Standard & Poor's NetAdvantage

Value Line Investment Survey

Be sure not to include strategies as opportunities, but do include as many monetary amounts, percentages, numbers, and ratios as possible.

Independently develop an EFE Matrix for The Hershey Company (Assurance of Learning Exercise 3B, step 1, page 84-85) using the information presented in the Cohesion Case in Chapter 1. You will need further information to develop this matrix and include 20 threats and 20 opportunities. In addition, write a thorough analysis of the EFE. At a minimum, an analysis should always include what the matrix means, why it is important to the company, and what your factors and numbers mean to the company.

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