Question : Step 1: 0.5% Step 2: 1.5%

Step 1: 0.5%

Step 2: 1.5%

Step 3: 1.3%

Step 4: 1.2%

How many gallons of paint must you start with to have 4600 gallons of point that can be sold?

(Keep one decimal point in your answer)


4. The software firm that writes the Multiple Listing Service's database tool have proposed a new search engine for their use. They charge their clients $685 for each property search and pay their clerks $16.75 per hour.

Currently, a typical search process requires 41 minutes of each person's time. With the new tool, they will need only 28 minutes per search but they will be charged $2.94 per search in fees.

What is the percent change in multifactor productivity compared to the current search process? (Keep two decimal places in your answer)

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