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Short Answer 1) __________ means a job that not only reasonably

Question : Short Answer 1) __________ means a job that not only reasonably : 1977308

Short Answer

1) __________ means a job that is not only reasonably safe and for which the pay is equitable, but which also achieves an appropriate level of both physical and psychological requirements.

2) __________ is a means of determining staffing policies dealing with employment stability and work schedules.

3) __________ refers to a work schedule that deviates from the normal or standard five 8-hour days.

4) __________ is an approach that specifies the tasks that constitute a job for an individual or a group.

5) __________ is the grouping of a variety of tasks using the same approximate skill level.

6) __________ is a method of giving an employee more responsibility that includes some of the planning and control necessary for job accomplishment.

7) __________ showed that there is a dynamic social system in the workplace.

8) __________ involves enlarging employee jobs so that the added responsibility and authority is moved to the lowest possible level in the organization.

9) A(n) __________ is a group of empowered individuals working together to reach a common goal.

10) __________ is a system providing some portion of any profit for distribution to employees.

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