Regulation of the thrift industry in the early 1980s, combined

Question : Regulation of the thrift industry in the early 1980s, combined : 2139035

TRUE/FALSE. Write 'T' if the statement is true and 'F' if the statement is false.

41) Regulation of the thrift industry in the early 1980s, combined with continued deposit insurance, were key elements of a criminogenic industry environment.

42) Charles Keating contributed $1.4 million to the campaigns and causes of four U.S. Senators, who would later be known as the "Keating Four."

43) One of the most callous forms of white-collar predication entails the looting of money from retirees and workers who have deposited their savings in pension funds.

44) The First Pension Corporation investments was an insider trading scam.

45) The insurance industry is largely regulated by individual states.

46) An example of premium diversion would be using premiums collected to pay claims.

47) The Multiple Employer Welfare Agreement enables employers to meet welfare payment requirements for healthcare.

48) Reinsurance companies function outside of the formal regulatory system because they do not directly affect consumers.

49) A number of recognized Caribbean nations such as Belize, Dominica, and Grenada have offered economic citizenships, which have a lot in common with the offerings of nonexistent countries.

50) Alan Teale, in his varied insurance schemes, sold disability policies to professional athletes and liability policies to high-school athletic programs.

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