Questions and concerns regarding housing should be addressed

Question : Questions and concerns regarding housing should be addressed : 2162256

MULTIPLE CHOICE. Choose the one alternative that best completes the statement or answers the question.

1) Questions and concerns regarding housing should be addressed:

A) At the housing location itself

B) At the main office

C) At the front desk

D) At the registration area

2) BEO stands for:

A) Beverage Extra Order

B) Banquet Electronic Option

C) Beverage Employee Option

D) Banquet Event Order

3) How many people can be accommodated at a six-foot round?

A) 8 to 10

B) over 12

C) 10 to 12

D) 6 to 8

4) What type of ceiling does the text identify as a production rigger's worst nightmare?

A) Cork

B) Plaster

C) Acoustic

D) Steel

5) What often needs to be done to floors before an event?

A) Waxed with water repellant

B) Covered with newspaper

C) Covered with wood planks

D) Covered with plastic

6) Who of the following should not be required to be present for event rehearsals?

A) the owner

B) the facility manager

C) the speaker / performer

D) the planner

7) Ancillary activities:

A) Should be discouraged

B) Should not be more attractive than the program

C) Should be more attractive than the program to attract spouses of attendees

D) Are the most important activities of the event

8) A DMC stands for:

A) Data Management Corporation

B) Document Monitoring Capacity

C) Destination Meeting Company

D) Destination Management Company

9) APEX stands for:

A) Action Plan Extremity

B) Accepted Practices Exchange

C) Ancillary Plan Exchange

D) None of the above

10) ESG stands for:

A) Evaluation Simulation Guide

B) Extra Schedule Guide

C) Event Specification Guide

D) None of the above

11) Which is NOT one of the three parts of the ESG?

A) Function Set-up Orders

B) Narrative

C) Prologue

D) Function Schedules

12) Who are the only entities that should have signing authority for cost control?

A) The CEO

B) The Meeting Planning staff

C) A and B

D) The President and CFO

13) Which of these is not a possible source for recruiting volunteers?

A) Local professionals

B) College students looking for professional experience

C) Retired community members

D) These are all possible sources.

14) Which of these is not an example of a written communication strategy?

A) Email

B) Training

C) Reports

D) Letters

15) Which of these is not an example of a verbal communication strategy?

A) Instruction

B) Displays

C) Briefings

D) Meetings

16) Which of these is not an example of a visual communication strategy?

A) Videos

B) Posters

C) Instruction

D) Models

17) Which of these is not an example of a behavioral communication strategy?

A) Role Modeling

B) Social Networking

C) Memo

D) Working Practices

18) Which of these is not a recommendation of the text concerning news releases?

A) Write persuasively, but do not lie

B) Think like a reporter

C) News releases are not recommended; they are not effective for meetings

D) Include the "who, what, when, where, and why"

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