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Z.O. is a 3-year-old boy with no significant medical history. He is brought into the emergency department (ED) by the emergency medical technicians after experiencing a seizure lasting 3 minutes. His parents report no previous history that might contribute to the seizure. Upon questioning, they state that they have noticed that he has been irritable, has had a poor appetite, and has been clumsier than usual over the past 2 to 3 weeks. Z.O. and his family are admitted for diagnosis and treatment for a suspected brain tumor. A CT scan of the brain shows a 1-cm mass in the posterior fossa region of the brain, and Z.O. is diagnosed with a cerebellar astrocytoma. The tumor is contained, and the treatment plan will consist of a surgical resection followed by chemotherapy.

Outline a plan of care for Z.O., describing at least two nursing interventions that would be appropriate for managing fluid status, providing preoperative teaching, facilitating family coping, and preparing Z.O. and his family for surgery.


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