Question There no specific question for this..

Question : Question There no specific question for this.. : 6041


There is no specific question for this.. mainly just assumptions for this assignment until teacher gets back to me so any help would be appreciated. below is the example given and the actual assignment in which i have completed but would like to check with an expert.

assignment given:

my answer:

Example of Load Leveling Letters (A, B, C) = resource Numbers (8, 18, etc.) = time duration estimate Assignment_LoadLevel.ppt Instructions: Figure below is shown in precedence view. Load level (using a load level view) this project so that no given resource is being used on multiple tasks simultaneously, i.e., each resource is working on only one task at a time. Rule: the predecessor-successor relationships must stay the same. That is, the logic of the sequence of tasks must stay the same. Load Leveled View

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