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The is the stationary member of the AC generator. chargers provide low charging currents and require a day or more to brtng the battery up to full state of charge. Consult the manufacturer's __ Tor procedures and precautions when jump-starting late model vehicles with electronic control systems. You are wiring a vehicle for a trailer hitch. The trailer will have eight parking lamps. Each parking lamp uses a 6 watt lightbulb. What size fuse should be used to supply power for the parking lamp circuit [Assume that the normal operating voltage is 14 volts.] Battery sulfation is normally caused by _ The alternating current produced by the AC generator is rectified into DC (direct current) through the use of A voltage regulator controls the voltage output of an AC generator by controlling the current through the Specific gravity is measured with a The current in an electrical circuit when the resistance increases. water should be used to top off the cells of a battery wi


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