Question The readings this week explore the

Question : Question The readings this week explore the


The readings this week explore the different forms of arguments and the purpose of each type. With these thoughts in mind, develop an argument using each of the following forms. Separate each argument with a heading as to the type, i.e. Argument by Example, Argument by Analogy, etc. Be sure to use the structure presented in your course text, A Rulebook for Arguments.

A Rulebook for Arguments, 4th Edition by: Anthony Weston

- One argument by example: use more than one example, representative examples, background rates may be crucial, statistics need a critical eye, & consider counter examples

- One argument by analogy: requires relevantly similar examples

- One argument from authority: cite your sources, seek informed sources, seek impartial sources, cross-check sources, & use the web with care

- One argument about cause: causal arguments start with correlations, correlations may have alternative explanations, work toward the most likely explanation, & expect complexity

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