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the pare the journal enlr nent Describe ement reveal some the prenumbered checks in the sequence are missing. that could explain this. s three situation of these five separate cases, identify the principle(s) of internal control that is violated. PRO what the business should do to ensure adherence to principles of internal control. each its computerized payroll system. Her Pro is the company's computer specialist and oversees has put a password An asked her to password protection on all office computers. Latisha co recently access to the file where pay rates are changed and personnel are boss allows only payroll. system is active all week place deleted from the The added or order-taking system for its tickets. Theater has a 2 Marker every Friday night. inventory. One employee places pur- 3 d backed up employees handling acquisitions of the merchandise. it difficult for Sutton Company has two employee receives checks, making office tha chase orders and pays vendors. The second perforate owner's desk in an 4. The owner of Super Pharmacy uses a check protector to is on the protector yone to alter the amount of the unlocked. contains company checks and is normally 5. Lavina Company is a small business that has separated the duties of cash receipt monthly ments. The employee responsible for cash disbursements reconciles the bank account Moya Co. establishes a petty cash fund for payments of small amounts. The volving the petty cash fund occurred in January (the last month of the company cash fan and made pa the fiscal year)

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