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Question The following cost data relate to

Question : Question The following cost data relate to : 5451


The following cost data relate to the manufacturing activities of Black Company during the just completed year: Manufacturing overhead costs: Property taxes, factory 3,000 Utilities, factory 4,900 9,900 Indirect labor 23,800 Depreciation, factory 5,900 Insurance, factory 47,500 Total actual manufacturing overhead costs Other costs incurred 32,600 Purchases of raw materials Direct labor cost 39,800 Inventories: 8,700 Raw materials, beginning 6,600 Raw materials, ending 5,300 Work in process, beginning 7,700 Work in process, ending The company uses a predetermined overhead rate to apply overhead cost to jobs. The rate for the year was $5 per machine-hour, a total of 10,300 machine-hours was recorded for the year. All raw materials ultimately become direct materials-none are classified as indirect materials. Required: 1 Compute the amount of underapplied or overapplied overhead cost for the year. (Input the amount as a positive value.) s (Click to select) overhead cost


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