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Question : Question The first imae depicts the required


The first imae depicts the required information for these problems. Please help me to complete the required tables depicted in images 2 and 3. Thank You.

Problem 20-1A Production cost flow and measurements journal entries LO P1, P2, P3, P4 IThe following information apples to the questions displayed below.j Sierra Company manufactures woven blankets and accounts for product costs using process costing. The following information is available regarding its May inventories. Beginning Ending Inventory Inventory 60.000 92,500 Raw materials inventory Goods in process inventory 435.000 515.000 Finished goods inventory 633.000 605.000 The following edditional information describes the company's production activities for May 250.000 Raw materials purchases (on credit) Factory payroll cost (paid in cosh 530.000 Other overhead cost (Other Accounts creclited) 87.000 Materials used 157500 Direct Indirect 60.000 Labor used 780,000 Direct Indire 750.000 overhead rete es a percent of direct lebor 115% Sales (on credit) $2,500,000 The predetermined overhead rate was computed at the beginning of the year as 115% of direct labor cost. References


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