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HELP second parts not right

An unsuspecting bird is coasting along in an easterly direction at 1.00 mph when a strong south imparts a constant acceleration of 0.400 m/s2. If the acceleration from the wind lasts Tor 2.20 s, find the magnitude, r, and direction, theta, of the bird's displacement during this time period. (HINT: assume the bird is originally travelling in the +x direction and there are 1609 m in 1 mile.) Now, assume the same bird is moving along again at 1.00 mph in an easterly direction but this time the acceleration given by the wind is at a 46.0 degree angle to the original direction of motion. If the magnitude of the acceleration is 0.500 m/s2, find the displacement vector , and the angle of the displacement, theta1. Enter the components of the vector and angle below. (Assume the time interval is still 2.20 s.)


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