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Easy 6 multiple choice questions!please help!

1) Why is fragmentation of an IP packetsometimes required?

A)     Because an IP packet can hold moredata than a frame

B)     Because different applications senddifferent amounts of data

C)     Because networks can be subnetted

D)     Because IP is a connectionlessprotocol

   1.2 IPv6 fragmentation information is in

           a. the base header        b. anextension header         

c. the datafield          d. no fragmentation information is required in IPv6

   1.3 What is the difference between fragmentation inIPv4 and IPv6?

A)     IPv6 uses larger fragments thanIPv4

B)     IPv6 packets can only be fragmentedat the source but IPv4 packets can be fragmented by the source orany router

C)     IPv6 automatically fragments everypacket

   1.4 Every destination address matches the routingtable entry

A.True                      b. False

    1.5 Why does a router need a subnet mask forevery destination network in the forwarding


A)     To indicate whether IPv4 or IPv6addresses are used

B)     To indicate the hop count

C)     To indicate the MAC address

D)     To indicate the net_id part of thedestination network address

1.6 Every router knows the complete path to every host on theinternet

       a.true      b. false

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