Question Due 1/09/17 course:

Question : Question Due 1/09/17 course: : 9646


Due 1/09/17

course: values, ethics and sustainability

Submit your mini-research paper 1 on a theme of your choice based on any of the chapters covered

At least 7 double –spaced pages excluding title and reference pages.

Mini-Research Paper - 7 pages double-spaced

Topic/Theme: Your choice from the chapters covered

Incorporate the role of science, technology, values, Ethics, and Law in your paper. Articulate the impact(s) of each one of the above roles on a much larger scale/picture. Be very specific in your descriptive analysis…provide logical support in your arguments and conclusion.

Note: Guideline

Must have a cover page

Thesis statement


Body – Analysis




Reference page – Works cited – Use at least 4 references preferably data-based articles and not textbook.

R FIF T E E N Employees and the Corporation Employees and employers are engaged in a critical relationship affecting the corporation's perfor mance. There is a basic economic aspect to their association: Employees provide labor for the firm, and employers compensate workers for their contributions of skill and productivity. Yet, also present in the employee-employer exchange are numerous social, ethical, legal, and public policy issues. Attention to the rights and duties of both parties in this relationship can benefit the firm, its workers, and society. This Chapter Focuses on These Key Learning objectives: LO 15-1 Understanding workers' rights to organize unions and bargain collectively. LO 15-2 Knowing how government regulations assure occupational safety and health and what business must do to protect workers. LO 15-3 Evaluating the limits of employers' duty to provide job security to their workers. LO 15-4 Analyzing employer obligations to pay workers fairly and how pay policies can contribute to income inequality. 015-5 ng the extent of employees' right to privacy when businesses monitor employee communications, police romance in the office, test for drugs or alcohol, or subject employees to honesty tests LO 15-6 Debating if employees have a duty to blow the whistle on corporate misconduct, or if employees should always be loyal to their employer.

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