Question DescriptionThe problem to simulate the operation of a printer that

Question : Question DescriptionThe problem to simulate the operation of a printer that : 864511


DescriptionThe problem is to simulate the operation of a printer that prints the

jobs according to priority.

The priority of a job is determined by two factors user_priority

an integer from 1 to 3 (1 is highest)


pages to be printed

Job priority = user_priority * numpages

For example, consider two users



user_priority = 3, numpages=50


user_priority = 1, numpages=10

Joe's priority = 3x50 = 150

Sue's priority = 1x10 = 10

Since Sue has a high user-priority and is only printing 10 pages, she will

have priority over Joe.

A job to print should be represented by a class named Printjob. This class

should contain the user's name, the user's priority, and number of pages. It

should implement Comparable with compareTo based on job priority.

Derive a subclass of Printjob called OutsidePrintjob. These are just like

Printjobs, but they compute a cost based on 10 cents per page.

Another class called Printer should read an input file and create objects

for each entry. These objects should be added to a priority queue

using the textbook's BinaryHeap class (unmodified). 

The input file contains each job to print on a separate line, with tabs between

the fields. The fields are name, user priority, pages, and a flag indicating

inside or outside job (I or O).

Once the file is read and the print jobs have been added to the binary heap,

the Printer object should deleteMin each job and print its user's name, user priority,

and pages to the screen. OutsidePrintjobs should also show their cost.






Joe 3 50 I

Sue 1 40 I

Ben 2 25 O

Kevin 2 10 I

Pam 3 15 O

Sam 1 30 I

Megan 3 20 I

John 2 5 O

Jessie 1 10 O

David 3 25 I

Danielle 1 20 O

George 2 11 O

Maria 3 3 I



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