1. Show how the following values would be stored bybyte-addressable machines with 32- bit words, using little endianand then big endian format. Assume each value starts at address301816. Draw a diagram of memory for each, placing the appropriatevalues in the correct (and labeled) memory locations.

a. 56789ABC16 b. 2014111910

  1. The memory unit of a computer has256K words of 32 bits each. The computer has an instruction formatwith 4 fields: an opcode field; a mode field to specify 1 of 7addressing modes; a register address field to specify one of 16registers; and a memory address field. Assume an instruction is 32bits long. Answer the following:

a. How large must the mode field be?

b. How large must the register field be? c. How large must theaddress field be? d. How large is the opcode field?

4. (bonus question, 5 points) In a computerinstruction format, the instruction length is 12 bits and the sizeof an address field is 4 bits. Is it possible to have:

13 2-address instructions 45 1-address instructions 45 0-addressinstructions

using the specified format? You must show your design orargument to justify your answer to get credit.


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