Question 3. Evaluate the options that were

Question : Question 3. Evaluate the options that were : 2700


3. Evaluate the options that were available to Eisner. What factors do you think he considered when weighing his alternatives? This is for the Disney Case Study

I am unable to attache the whole case. Michael Eisner and his reign at disney

At the start of the Christmas season in 2003, Michael Eisner had more to think about than yuletide treasures. Roy E. Disney, founder Walt Disney's nephew, and his financial advisor Stanley Gold, had called for Eisner's replacement as both CEO and Chairman of the Board. After 20 years of managing the entertainment giant, Eisner had to make a decision that would affect not only the world's largest entertainment company, but his own destiny as well. Given the reasons that Mr. Disney and Mr. Gold allege for his ouster, should he leave, either by resigning or retiring? Alternatively, should he wait for a response from the board regarding his removal? He could also consider resigning one post but not the other, eliminating any concerns associated with filling the dual roles. Might it be time to retire and enjoy the fruits of his labors? There may also be other alternatives available to Eisner, which may serve to minimize dissention at the top of the organization and restore confidence in investors and other stakeholders alike. With the annual shareholder's meeting coming up in March, Michael Eisner and Disney shareholders had less than four months to contemplate their options. Regardless of the decision, this era would prove to be one of strain at The Walt Disney Corporation.

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