QUESTION 2 Janice was just hired as

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Janice was just hired as a sales rep for a large retail company. She knows her new job will require her to be persuasive. Which of the following is a persuasion technique that Janice should use on her new job?

Make her requests realistic, doable, and attainable.

Show that she is truthful, experienced, and knowledgeable.

Use plausible support such as statistics, reasons, and analogies to support her view.

Janice should do all of these.

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The manager of a bookstore plans to use e-mail to send an online sales message announcing a special sale. What is the best advice to make this e-marketing campaign successful?

Leave the subject line blank so that readers will be curious enough to open the message.

Send the e-mail sales message only to those who have given permission.

Build interest by placing the most important information near the end of the message.

Include at least eight to ten central selling points to overcome any resistance.

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Which message would be most effective when organized indirectly?

An announcement about management training seminars being offered to employees

An e-mail message asking employees to donate to a local charity through payroll deductions

An e-mail message informing employees about a change in summer work hours

An e-mail message telling employees that carpools are being organized

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The best press releases

concentrate only on advertising a company's products.

focus on information that appeals to a target audience.

emphasize the most important information by placing it near the end.

use the journalistic approach by answering the five Ws and one H in the first sentence.

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