Question 17 (2 points) You interested in understanding the gene

Question : Question 17 (2 points) You interested in understanding the gene : 345282

Question 17 (2 points) You are interested in understanding the gene regulation of Lkp1. a protein that is normaly produced lverand kidney cels in mice Interestingly, you find that the UKPI geno is not expressed in heart cells. You DNA upstream of the LKPf gene, place t upstream of the gene for fluorescent protein (GFP) and insertthis entire piece of recombinant DNA into mice. You find GFP expressed in liver and kidney cells but not in heart cells an expression pattem similar to the normal expression of the LKPfgene Further expenments that there are three regoes the promoter labeled A B, and CinFigure os 21. that contribute to this expression pattem Assume that a single and unique transcrpton in A actor binds that protein x binds site A proteinY binds site B, and protein z binds site c You want to determine which segon is responsible for tissue-specific expressicn each sine suchthat it cannot bindits comesponding and create mutations n the promoter to determine the function of each of these rogons In Fignoos21 if the site is missing i is mutated 9 10 wer? kidney? heart? experiment promoter region for 1 I yes yes no 3 14 no yes yes 19 Expennvers 1 Figure os 21 the posti control demonstranng that the ono DNA sean of sir GFP masi io m ar espais oe that normally orer s the

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