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1) What is the first step in the sales/fulfillment process that has an impact on a company's financial accounts?

2) The smallest organizational unit for which accounting can be carried out and represents an independent legal entity is a(n) _______________.

3)According to the lecture on change management, _________ refers to people's preference for maintaining their current status or situation, and this is the main reason people resist change.

4)In Lewin's three-stage model of change, ___________ represents the phase when the change actually takes place.


What type of organizational data is typically used to represent a product line, or group of similar


6) What type of master data tracks the relationship between a vendor and a material, including moving average prices and lead times?

7) List the three (3) documents that are involved in the three-way match invoice verification step.

8) In the SAP Navigation Lab, you viewed transactions that were associated with specific letter and number combinations, such as VA03, MMR1, ME01, and MM02. In SAP, these examples; VA03, MMR1, ME01, and MM02are used as shortcuts to accessing transactions and they are called ____________.

9) In the ERPsim manufacturing game, your company is employing which type of production strategy?

10) According to Lewin, to help employees overcome resistance to change, managers should identify a ________. This person is someone who is highly regarded and has the ability to influence employees in the organization.

11) ______________ are places within a plant where materials are kept until they are needed.

12) To support centralized purchasing for a company, you would implement a single _____________.


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