Q9. According to William Abernathy's perspective corporate innovation, for a

Question : Q9. According to William Abernathy's perspective corporate innovation, for a : 4565

Q9. According to William Abernathy's perspective on corporate innovation, for a company to break the stranglehold of doing business the same old way, it should:

a. focus R&D efforts on improving its existing products in order to make them more attractive in the market

b. strive to strengthen the processes it employs to produce its products

c. increase its R&D budget

d. strive for de-maturation

Q10. Which of the following is a purely scientific discipline?

a. Electronics

b. Physics

c. Chemical engineering

d. Astrology

Q11. Process innovation can contribute directly to a company's profits by:

a. reducing production costs

b. identifying market niches that have not yet been exploited

c. employing state-of-the-art equipment

d. establishing the foundation for effective marketing and sales

Q12. A review of the history of business confirms that if you build a better mousetrap, the world will beat a path to your door.

a. true

b. false

Q13. If Ajax Enterprises hold a French patent for a technology, and no other patent, then John Jones of the USA:

a. is infringing on the patent if he produces the technology in his Chicago factory

b. is not legally able to sell the technology in the USA

c. would not be able to export the technology to France legally without Ajax's authorization

d. would not be able to use the technology in the USA for his own purposes

Q14. Research shows that when venture capitalists attempt to determine whether a venture is worthy of their support, they focus on two things. One is the capabilities and experience of the core business team, and the other is:

a. the amount of cash the venture holds

b. whether the venture is being launched in an established market

c. the number of years since the venture was launched

d. the thoroughness and overall quality of the business plan

Q15. Counterfeiting is concerned with:

a. unauthorized use of copyrighted material

b. unauthorized use of patented technology

c. unauthorized use of trade marks

d. unauthorized use of trade secrets

Q16. Clayton Christensen's book, the Innovator's Dilemma, is one of the most important management books written in the past twenty years. In it, Christensen maintains that:

a. companies can go out of business by adhering closely to their important customers' demands

b. the surest way to lose business is to contradict the customer – the customer is always right

c. it is not necessary to be innovative, because companies can copy the innovative efforts of other companies without going through the hassle and expense of conducting original R&D

d. strictly speaking, there are no true innovations, because "there is nothing new under the sun."

Q17. Intrapreneurship focuses on:

a. making bureaucratic organizations function more entrepreneurially

b. identifying individuals who will promote entrepreneurship on teams

c. identifying profit targets that new ventures should strive to achieve

d. helping individuals tap into their innate entrepreneurial powers

Q18. According to Richard Foster, market leaders often become "losers" and are supplanted by a new generation of companies because:

a. they do not invest enough money in R&D

b. their marketing strategies become "old hat" and lose their impact

c. new companies are willing to invest more in R&D than well-established companies

d. they invest primarily in existing successful technologies that are near the end of their technology life-cycle

Q19. If you pay a contractor to write an article titled "The Evolution of the Domestic Dog,"

a. the contractor owns the copyright since he/she produced it, unless he/she enters into an agreement to transfer ownership to you

b. ownership has not been determined, so it is necessary to enter into an agreement defining ownership rights

c. the contractor owns the copyright, but you have free access to the copyrighted material and can use it at will

d. you own the copyright because it is a work for hire, unless you enter into an agreement with the contractor to transfer ownership to him/her

Q20. For a society to establish strong technological capabilities, it must invest heavily in science.

a. true

b. false



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