Q 21/ a. the intrinsic value of

Question : Q 21/ a. the intrinsic value of : 4224

Q 21/

a. the intrinsic value of the warrant

If 10 members of the board of trustees are to be elected by shareholders, and Mr. Smith has 2500 shares and we have 10,000 total outstanding shares. How many directors can be elected by Mr. Smith? Which of the following is/are the benefits of a preferred shares to a corporation? To achieve a balance in capital structure More attractive than a bond Reduces tax burden All the above Which of the following is not a provision associated with a preferred stock offering? Conversion features Call features Participation provision Risk-security provisions A company's stock was selling for $20 per share and the earnings per share was $2, 16. If the annual dividend paid was $0.96, determine Dividend yield The dividend payout ratio If the holder-on-record date is May 4^th, 2016 and the ex-dividend date is May 1^st, 2016 May 2^nd, 2016 May 3^rd, 2016 May 4^th 2016 Calculate the net worth of the company that declared a 10% stock dividend from 2 million shares outstanding at $10 at par and selling for $15? If there are 1 million shares outstanding, a net income of $230,000, and there is a two-for-one stock split, calculate: Earnings per share before the split Earnings per share after the split A company issued $10 million of 25-year 5% convertible debenture with each $1,000 bond convertible into 20 shares of common stock selling at $45 per-share What is the conversion ratio? What is the conversion value? What is the conversion premium? If 200,000 new shares will be created from a potential conversion and there is a before-tax interest on the convertible of $450,000. What is: the after-tax interest cost of the tax rate is 40%? What is the diluted earnings per share if earnings after tax is $1, 500,000 and 1 million shares outstanding? if the common stock of a company is trading at $37, 52 per share. A warrant carrying an option to purchase one share of a company's stock at an exercise price of $20, what is:

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