Program planning for associations usually begins

Question : Program planning for associations usually begins : 2162251

MULTIPLE CHOICE. Choose the one alternative that best completes the statement or answers the question.

1) Program planning for associations usually begins:

A) A few weeks to a month before the event

B) Once a site has been chosen

C) Months and sometimes years before the event

D) None of the above

2) What is a needs analysis?

A) Method of determining expectations for a particular meeting

B) Method objectives for a particular meeting

C) Both A and B

D) Neither A nor B

3) What is the first step in a needs analysis?

A) Know where the meeting will be held

B) Know the topics for the sessions

C) Know who your attendees are

D) Know the budget for the meeting

4) Which of the following is not a SMART objective?

A) Meaningful

B) Relevant

C) Time

D) Specific

5) When should the site selection process begin?

A) After the meeting objectives are developed

B) Before the objectives are developed

C) After the meeting planner is chosen

D) Before any other activity is allowed to begin

6) Which of these cities has NO airlift?

A) Anchorage, Alaska

B) Dallas, Texas

C) Atlanta, Georgia

D) Chicago, Illinois

7) Which of the following should take place before the RFP?

A) Meeting objectives are clearly defined.

B) The basic location and logistics are drafted.

C) Both A and B

D) Neither A nor B

8) When do the negotiations between the meeting planner and the sales department of a facility begin?

A) After the planner has conducted site visits

B) Once the planner reviews the RFP

C) As soon as the planner receives a written bid from the facility

D) After A and B have taken place

9) Which of the following is not a part of a fam-trip?

A) The trip may be arranged by the local CVB.

B) They are low or no cost for the planner.

C) The planner's association or company is legally obligated for the expenses.

D) The hotel or facility showcases its property for the planner.

10) Which of the following is not one of the SMART objectives?

A) Achievable

B) Specific

C) Measurable

D) All are SMART objectives.

11) What are trips that are no- or low-cost for the meeting/event professional to personally review sites for their suitability for a meeting or event?

A) DMO trip

B) Fam trip

C) CVB trip

D) Glam trip

12) Which of the following is not a part of the ESG document?

A) The function set up orders

B) The preamble

C) The narrative

D) The function schedules

13) The EIC has created a standardized format for this document.

A) The CV

B) The CVB

C) The RFP

D) The Estimate

14) Which of the following is not considered indirect cost?

A) Administrative cost

B) Organizational cost not related to the meeting

C) Attendee-related cost

D) Overhead cost

15) Which of the following is a variable cost?

A) Gift bags

B) Name badges

C) Food and beverage

D) All of the above are variable cost

16) Which of the following is not a fixed cost?

A) Copies of the agenda or program

B) The cost of the banquet room for the plenary session

C) The cost of meeting room rental

D) The cost of audio/visual equipment

17) Which of the following is not a stakeholder?

A) The exhibitors

B) The producing organization

C) The sponsors

D) They are all stakeholders

18) Expenses incurred regardless of the number of attendees are called?

A) Variable costs

B) Hidden costs

C) Indirect costs

D) Fixed costs

19) Expenses that can vary based on the number of attendees are called?

A) Indirect costs

B) Variable costs

C) Fixed costs

D) Hidden costs

20) Which of the following is identified as a challenge of using volunteer speakers?

A) They may not adequately prepare for the presentation

B) They may have a personal agenda about the topic

C) They may not be good presenters

D) All of the above are challenges of using volunteer speakers

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