Please solve this question , its related to LAW, i

Question : Please solve this question , its related to LAW, i : 3988

Please solve this question , its related to LAW, i need a discussion

1] Also, on the subject of corporations… discuss what you think of corporations vs the ever fading “Mom & Pop” shops. Don’t know what I mean? Just watch a pre- 1970 movie: When you pulled up to get gas for the car, two attendants waited on them. One pumped the gas and the other checked the oil. This was the standard at every gas station. Mom & Pop owned the station and made a decent living doing it. They didn’t get rich, but they provided a service that helped the community. Then the corporations took over. They bought all the gas stations. A certain CEO of a certain oil company made $52 million dollars last year. And that’s just the CEO; that doesn’t include the millions paid to the other executives and upper level management. This isn’t uncommon. But you know what is? A service attendant at a gas station.

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