***Please show steps and formulas.**** You have

Question : ***Please show steps and formulas.**** You have : 4053

***Please show steps and formulas.****

You have been observing the progressive gentrification of you city with interest. You realize that the time is ripe for you to open and run an aerobic exercise center. You find an abandoned warehouse which will meet your needs and rents for $40196/ year. You estimate that it will initially cost $47779 to renovate the place and buy Cybex equipment for the center (there will be no salvage and the entire initial cost is depreciable). Your market research indicates that you can expect to get 490 members, each paying $512/year. You have also found five instructors you can hire for $30645 a year each. Your tax rate, if you start making profits, will be 38%, and you choose to use straight line depreciation on your initial investment. If your cost of capital is 14% and you expect to retire to the Belize in 11 years, determine the NPV. (answer format is numbers only, for example: 54321

Estimate the pre-tax return on capital, by year and on average, for the project.

(Answer format is a zero, a decimal point, then 4 digits, for example 0.1234)

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