Please show how you got your ans, thank you

Question : Please show how you got your ans, thank you : 3960

Please show how you got your ans, thank you

The cost of debt What do lenders require, and what kind of debt costs the company? The cost of debt that is relevant when companies are evaluating new investment projects is the marginal cost of the new debt to be raised to finance the new project. Consider the case of Purple Lemon Shipbuilders Inc.: Purple Lemon Shipbuilders Inc. is considering issuing a new 20-year debt issue that would pay an annual coupon payment of $80. Each bond in the issue would carry a $1,000 par value and would be expected to be sold for a price equal to its par value. Purple Lemon's CFO has pointed out that the firm would incur a flotation cost of 1% when initially issuing the bond issue. Remember, the flotation costs will be subtracted from the proceeds the firm will receive after issuing its new bonds. The firm's marginal federal-plus-state tax rate is 30%. To see the effect of flotation costs on Purple Lemon's after-tax cost of debt (k_i), calculate the after-tax cost of the firm's debt issue with and without its flotation costs, and select the correct after-tax costs from the following boxes.

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