Please show calculations Discuss what "time preference

Question : Please show calculations Discuss what "time preference : 4045

Please show calculations

Discuss what "time preference for consumption" and "productive opportunities' are, and how they interact to help determine the level of interest rates in an economy. What other factors influence the overall level of interest rates? Explain why successful companies usually become corporations at some point, but they usually wait until they absolutely have to. Also, why do they sometimes adopt one of the "hybrid" forms of organization? If the McGorgin company had cash in the amount of $1, 600,000 at the end of 2014, and $1, 780,000 in cash at the end of 2015. Their cash used by investing activities for 2015 was 2, 540,000, and cash provided by financing activities was $2, 160,000. What was their cash from operating activities for 2015?

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