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Question : Please filin the blank for numbers 1-12. Fill in the

Please filin the blank for numbers 1-12. Fill in the blank options are listed on number 12 for numbers 1-12.

Do It! Review 2-3 Match each item (characteristics, assumptions, principles, and constraint guide the FASB when it creates accounting standards) with a description below. Items not easily quantified in dollar terms are not reported in the financial statements. Accounting information must be complete, neutral, and free from error. Personal transactions are not mixed with the company's transactions. The cost to provide information should be weighed against the benefit that users will gain from having the information available. A company's use of the same accounting principles from year to year. Assets are recorded and reported at original purchase price. Accounting information should help users predict future events, and should confirm or correct prior expectations. The life of a business can be divided into artificial segments of time. The reporting of all information that would make a difference to financial statement users. The judgment concerning whether an item's size makes it likely to influence a decision-maker. 10. Assumes a business will remain in operation for the foreseeable future. 12. Different companies use the same accounting principles. Materiality Clic Economic Entity Assumption ork for this question Open Show Work Going Concern Assumption Faithful Representation Cost Constraint Historical Cost Principle Monetary Unit Assumption Comparability Question Attempts: 0 of 3 used SAVE FOR LATER Full Disclosure Principle Relevance olicy Consistency nca All Rights Reserved. A Division of John Wiley & Sons Inc. Periodicity Assumption

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