Pivot point service is a designated starting position

Question : Pivot point service is a designated starting position : 2162206

TRUE/FALSE. Write 'T' if the statement is true and 'F' if the statement is false.

41) Pivot point service is a designated starting position with all orders being served clockwise beginning with the pivot point.

42) Hot food should be allowed to cool before immediately being served in order to avoid any burn injuries.

MULTIPLE CHOICE. Choose the one alternative that best completes the statement or answers the question.

43) A professional server will "________ " of their guests and exceed their guests' expectations.

A) keep the smile

B) read the needs

C) read the hunger

D) all of the above

44) Remove dishes and flatware from the right when each course is finished, using the right hand; then serve the next course from the right using the right hand, except:

A) when serving a guest seated at a booth or next to a wall

B) when it will be incontinent to the guest

C) if the guest is leaning to the right to talk with another guest

D) all of the above

45) Serving guests seated at a booth or next to a wall requires the server to stand at the end of the booth or table and serve the guests seated farthest away first.

A) the guests seated at the right would be served with the left hand

B) the guests seated at the left would be served with the right hand

C) the guests would pass served items to the end of the table

D) answer A and B

46) Large oval trays are used when there are:

A) tray stands available

B) side stands available

C) large tables

D) answer A and B

47) Important skills for a server to possess and develop are:

A) snappy service and a sense of humor

B) fast walking and quick talking

C) service priority and timing

D) clear writing and kitchen friendliness

48) The server's assistant or busser has an important function in every restaurant, but the most important duty is to:

A) keep buss carts moving quickly

B) replenish supplies

C) always do things that directly affect the guest first

D) pick up any cash tips left on tables

49) If a difficult situation arises with a guest, the server should:

A) not react, just listen and laugh it off

B) maintain a positive attitude

C) resolve the situation as quickly as possible

D) answer B and C

50) Some restaurants have guests that repeatedly sit at the restaurant's bar for lunch or dinner, because they:

A) like stand up eating

B) find it to be a comfortable place

C) crave an alcohol beverage with food

D) none of the above answers are correct

51) If a guest requests an additional portion of hot fudge while eating a hot fudge sundae dessert, the server should:

A) bring the additional portion

B) know the restaurant's policy regarding charges for additional servings

C) charge the guest an additional half-price for the hot fudge

D) answer A and B

52) Unless one of the guest's has specifically asked for the check or it became obvious who would be paying when the orders were placed, the server should:

A) present the check to the oldest person at the table

B) simply ask, "who gets the check?"

C) place the check in the center of the table face down

D) just say, "when you are ready" and see who responds

ESSAY. Write your answer in the space provided or on a separate sheet of paper.

53) Once the guest has ordered wine for the table, describe the correct procedure for serving the wine.

54) Describe the procedure that should be followed when using a rectangular tray.

55) Describe the method to hand carry three plates.

56) The steps to resolve a customer complaint include the following: Listen, Understand, Apologize, and Resolve. Briefly explain how each step functions.

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