PHILOSOPHY Respond to the following paragraph. You

Question : PHILOSOPHY Respond to the following paragraph. You : 3837


Respond to the following paragraph. You can either agree or disagree with it. response, should be 150 words.

“A New Adam” one of the first episodes from “God in America” focused and talked about the struggles of religions from the Old World into the new world. The Spaniards spread the belief of Catholicism into the new world. The Spaniards were spreading their beliefs rapidly and had built over 40 Catholicism churches. Groups that believed different and felt different were the Pueblos, who the Spaniards came across in New Mexico. They had different views, and they believed that there was some type of power that was leading them towards the way of living day to day. The Pueblos were confident and strongly believed that there way is the only right way. The Spaniards burned down holy icons and houses, a priest was injured severely and then sent to jail for witchcraft. Things were only going to get difficult for the Pueblos. 1675 was the breaking point, worst for the Spaniards and better for the Pueblos. A man named Popay helped the Pueblos to be finally freed from the Spaniards torture and suffering. John Winthrop’s also had a different belief towards religion, but he had people that followed and believed the same as him. Anne Hutchinson strongly stood by what she believed and her interoperation towards religion. Also, Anne believed that God was speaking to her directly, and it so happened not only did people believe her but followed her. Later on Hutchinson was exiled from the people, for not respecting Winthrop’s beliefs.

“A New Light” episode four from “God in America” portrayed slavery that people were facing, and the differences people had. Immigrants were coming into America for a change, and mainly consisted of Jews and Catholics. America is known for opening many opportunities and giving people the freedom that they deserved. Also, known for perfect setting for reform. Which focused mainly on religion during this time. Europeans ruled the clash between the Jews. They were limiting their interactions, which included, where they can live, what they can eat, what to wear, and most importantly what they need to believe in. A man name Wise was set out to make a change for the Jews. He wanted to modernize Judaism, and wanted the Jews to reunite. The Jews strictly believed that the laws were laid out in the Torah. John Scopes strongly believed that the teaching of evolution should be banned in America, but was found guilty. What I found significant was in episode one “A New Adam” when Anne Hutchinson was presented. It showed us that no matter how hard it can get, when you have faith in something and stay strong to your actions, you can influence others point of view and change how they see things. This does not mean it will always be a good outcome, but it’s the ability to stay strong to your self and for others that believe in you. Based on the two episodes I have watched, my thoughts regarding the history of religions in the United states is that, there will always be one religion that will force others of there beliefs to believe in what they want them to believe in. Due to power, at times people are put in harms way to believe in something they don’t support. In the end if something terrible is occurring, people tend to blame a religion that is being followed strongly.


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