PERFORMANCE AND STATUS REPORTING In addition to quality control reports,

Question : PERFORMANCE AND STATUS REPORTING In addition to quality control reports, : 3843

PERFORMANCE AND STATUS REPORTING In addition to quality control reports, the ResNet team generated other types of performance and status reports. Emphasis was placed on key issues, decisions that needed to be made, and numerical progress on the project. Important numbers tracked were the number of PCs installed, the average call handle times for sales agents, and the number of calls resulting in direct ticket sales. This emphasis on issues, decisions, and progress helped keep people, especially senior management, interested and involved in reading and listening to perfor- mance reports. Figure 15-3 shows a sample status report created by a ResNet team member. The format of the weekly status report included four sections: milestones, issues, accomplishments, and goals. The first section listed milestones along with planned and actual target dates, whether the item was completed, on schedule, r behind schedule. The second section listed issues requiring discussion a 426 CHA PT ER 1 5 assistance. The majority of status reports included some items in this section consistent with Peeter's directive to focus on issues and decisions that had to be made, instead of boring people with technical facts. The final two sections listed the last period's accomplishments and the next period's goals Milestones Plan Actual Status Complete 3270 testing 5 Jun 9 Jun Completed Event Recorder Activated in Tampa 6 Aug on schedule presentation to NWA Finance Com 6 Sep on schedule Issues Requiring Discussion/Assistance Need definition of WORLDSPAN/CORDA Change Management Process IMPACT Need process that notifies ResNet of scheduled system changes ASSIGNED TO: J. Huss Last Period's Accomplishments Completed initial design of Event Recorder analysis and began coding Researched slow response times in Tampa. Looked at Baltimore response ti Completed minor adjustments to measurement reports per customer request Next Period's Goals Conduct formal review session for Address Verification approval Beta test Event Recorder in the Hotline area in Bldg C Figure 1 Sample Weekly Status Report


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