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Question : People in Hawaiian Tshirts Deicious fresh fruits and vegetables. A

People in Hawaiian Tshirts Deicious fresh fruits and vegetables. A place where parking is tight and aisles are timy.A place where you will be unable to find half the things on yourlstbutwilgohome satisfied. We are, of course, talking about Trader Joeslaprivatelyheld companyl, aunique grocery store headquartered in California and located in 22 states. By selling store-brand and gourmet foods at affordable prices, this chain created a special niche for itself. Yet the helpfulemployees who stock the shelves and answer questions are definitely key to what makes this store unique and helps it achieve twice the sales of traditional supermarkets. Shopping here is fun and chatting with employees is aroutine part of this experience, Employees are upbeat and friendly to each other and to customers. If you look lost there isthe definite offer of help. But somehow the friendliness does not seem scripted. Instead. if they see you shopping for big trays of cheese theymight casuallyinquire if you are having a party and then point to other selections. lfthey see you chasing your toddler, they are quick to tie aballoon to his wrist. When you ask them if they have any cumin. they get down on their knees to check the back of the aisle, with the attitudeofheiping aguest that is visiting their home. How does acompany make sure itsemployees looklike they enjoy being there to help others? One of the keysto this puzzle is pay Trader Joe's selscheap organic food. but they are not cheap when comes to paying their employees. Employees, including part-timers areamong the best paid in the retail industry. Full-time employees eamanaverage of$40,150 in their first year and also earn average annual bonusesof S950 with S6300 in retirement contributions Store managers average compensation $132000. With these generous benefits and above-market wages and salaries, the company hasno ditculty attracting qualified candidates. But money only partiallyexplains what energiaes Trader Joe's employees. They work with people who are friendlyand upbeat. The environment so that people flinfor each other and managers pick up the slack when the need arises including tasks like sweeping the floors. Plus the company promotes solely from within making Trader oe's one of few places in the retail industry where employeescan satisfy their career aspirations Employees are evaluated every 3 months and receive feedback about their performance. Employees are also given autonomy on the job They can open a product to have the customers tryitand canbe honest about their feelings toward different products They receive on-andoff the job training and are intimately familiar with the products, which enables them to come up with ideas that are taken seriously by upper management. In short, employees love what they do. work with nice people who treat each other well, and are respected by the company when employees are treated well itisno wonder they treat their customersweldaily. Assignment: Trader Joe's promotesentiely from within the organization. This means that if you are agood, dedicated worker, you can rise up within the company. The companyaiso pays among the best in the retail industry. They create a workenvironmentthat supports autonomy and contribution. Does Trader Joes need to invest in all three of these strategies: promotion, pay and workemvironment? White a one-page opinion paper. Whatistherelative importance of the three strategies in supporting Trader Joe's success? In other words, which is most important?h Could Trader Joes continue to be successful recruiting and retaining employees withoutinvesting in all three strategies? so, which should be eliminated or diminishede


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