Paralegals and legal assistants should not be overwhelmingly

Question : Paralegals and legal assistants should not be overwhelmingly : 2162284

TRUE/FALSE. Write 'T' if the statement is true and 'F' if the statement is false.

1) Paralegals and legal assistants should not be overwhelmingly concerned with case management issues.

2) Organizing, storing and retrieving documents relevant to the litigation is case management.

3) Technological advancements require members of the legal team to work is a single location.

4) Calendaring cases is not important for attorneys and paralegals.

5) Databases store information which can be sorted and retrieved.

6) Office management includes time keeping, calendar maintenance, conflicts checking, and accounting functions.

7) Case management and office management are not related tasks.

8) Litigation management seeks to efficiently store information electronically which is then available to members of the legal team granted access to the electronic files.

9) Technology and computer based software eliminates the need for obtaining basic case information from client interviews, attorney research, and investigator reports.

10) Time/billing programs implemented and used by law firms assist in keeping track of billable hours and calculating fees accurately.

11) Law firms probably have no essential need for accurate accounting programs.

12) Reports are an organized presentation of data contained in a database.

13) Paralegals who assist in document review are not obligated to know the rules of confidentiality to protect client communications.

14) Courts can deny a request for attorney's fees when the work could have been completed more cost effectively by a paralegal.

15) Knowledge of how databases are created and used assists the paralegal in communicating with IT professionals.

MULTIPLE CHOICE. Choose the one alternative that best completes the statement or answers the question.

16) Well kept time records:

A) Record billable time only

B) Record attorney time only

C) Can be used to determine whether a paralegal's work is being supervised

D) All of the above

17) Technology in the law office has enhanced:

A) The ability to work collaboratively

B) The ability to work from home

C) The ability to eliminate paper from the office

D) All of the above

18) Which is not a litigation management task?

A) Interviewing clients and witnesses

B) Investigating facts

C) Balancing escrow account statements

D) Reviewing records and reports

19) Which is true?

A) Office management deals with the management of a particular case.

B) Case management deals with the management of a particular case.

C) Litigation management deals with the management of deadlines.

D) None of the above

20) The legal team can use databases to:

A) Search for and locate relevant statutes and caselaw

B) Locate expert witnesses in a particular field of study

C) Maintain and update client contact information like addresses and phone numbers

D) All of the above


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